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The PoGDesign Commitment - Our solution is your business

Unlike other companies, our process is not one way. We work with you at first to develop how you want your site to run, then with the benefit of our industry and online ecommerce experience we consult and advise.

A Complete Solution : Because eZecom is Software as a Solution (SaaS), we provide everything you need, from the technology platform to ongoing business services and consultation. A unique, bespoke site design by PoGDesign, focusing on your market sector, is also included in the price.

We pride ourselves on designing and building your website in-house, giving you outstanding value for money, and making sure your site stands out from those by other companies that force pre-made systems and pre-designed templates on their customers.

Because we've written every line of eZecom (21000 lines of code, and counting) we understand it intimately, and in the unlikely event there IS a problem, we normally fix it before you even realise. We never stop working on the core of eZecom, and you benefit from bug fixes to system innovations throughout the lifetime of your site.

E-commerce. Made Easy.

Online shopping has changed drastically in the last decade.

With every company now trying to get a foot hold on line, new ecommerce sites are coming online every day. Ecommerce is no longer the outer bounds of retail, it is a prominent force in business and a deciding factor in consumer spending. Ironically, it is only now, when so many ecommerce sites exist that companies are setting up online stores in an effort to get rich quickly and cheaply.

This has forced the general level of features and functionality across e-commerce platforms to increase, so how do you stay at the cutting edge now? It is no longer enough to set up an online store and hope for the best. You need a new class of ecommerce platform that gives evolutionary features and revolutionary functionality. You need a flexible, scalable and dependable ecommerce solution that offers features not seen before and gives new twists on existing features, maximising ROI and growing customer loyalty.

eZecom makes ecommerce easy. We concentrate on the technology, the systems and the stability that makes your website grow; you focus on growing your brand, pleasing your customers, increasing your revenue.

In making ecommerce simple, eZecom offers a low risk ecommerce solution that opens up new revenue streams while freeing up resources to dedicate to other areas of your business.

eZecom is better, even before we start work

Speed-to-market : eZecom is based on years of learning and implementation of ecommerce solutions. To this end, we can offer unparalleled development times, with many of our projects completed in just 4-6 weeks. This includes design and development time, teaching and testing, trials and tweaking. eZecom's modular design means that one system can be transposed to another easily, giving you an unrivalled deployment timescale, and therefore a greater return on your investment.

We don't stop once your site is live either! PoGDesign's post implementation support works with you and for you, to make sure you are effectively using your site, and that you are getting the best experience for yourself and your customers.

Work never stops on eZecom. We continually upgrade the core system to increase speed, stability and security for all our clients, free of charge. Also, our on-demand pricing means that you can make additions and upgrades to your site in a way that suits your time and budget. You will never be charged for work you don't approve.

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) provides a cost-effective alternative for businesses to achieve their objectives relative to traditional packaged or custom applications. You take care of the selling; we take care of everything else.

eZecom allows your company to:

eZecom allows your customers to:

Key Features and Benefits of eZecom

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