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Shoppers spent £133bn with UK e-retailers in 2016, that's £18bn more than 2015...

e-commerce trends continue to increase by ~16% YoY, shouldn't you increase your standing in the market place?

eZecom is an Enterprise Class e-commerce system which offers a greater return of investment incorporating more features and ideas than any other package available, backed up by real time proactive support.

At PoGDesign we've spent years working with ecommerce websites and solutions so we know exactly what works. We have integrated our knowledge of developing some of the UKs leading ecommerce sites into our own system.
Over the years we have developed eZecom to be extremely powerful and on the cutting edge, but also easier to use than competing solutions.

eZecom gives complete control over your online shop, from products to users to orders and more.

The easy to use to use control panel allows you to quickly add new or edit existing products, view and manage orders, promote special offers and keep your customers up-to-date.
Your customers can add multiple delivery addresses, print out PDF invoices, create wish-lists and much more!

eZecom is designed to be the most search engine friendly ecommerce system available.

Built in search engine optimisations that work without extra input from you help promote your site even as you use the system on a day to day basis. Our advanced SEO module can give you even more control.
eZecom can help bring a consistant 75% of visitors from search engines, reducing marketing costs and making you more money.

eZecom is an evolutionary step in online shopping solutions, offering advanced features not found in other systems.

Our FindFast system makes searching easier while QuickCart updates and stores orders more securely than ever. A powerful customer account area gives full access to your users to manage their orders.
From user registration to credit card processing, we've re-engineered every system that makes up our solution.

With eZecom's latest modules focused on social ecommerce networking, your customers will advertise your company.

With automatic links to the major social networking sites, and on-site forums linked directly to products, your customers can talk about you and your services more easily and with more passion than ever.
Let your satisfied users be a part of your marketing, offering free adversting from blogs and word of mouth.

eZecom developed by PoGDesign is an industry leading e-commerce system that gives merchants complete control over their online shop. Call us today on 08000 433 764 for more information or request a no-obligation quote online.

Six Simple Reasons to use eZecom :

Ease of use : The control panel for all adding and updating of products is laid out in a simple structure with crystal clear English to tell you where you are.

Complete control : Define prices, set time specific special offers, track orders and postage charge rules, instantly generate PDF invoices and more.

Security : Up to 2048-bit SSL encryption, with optional "Trusted Shop", "Safebuy UK Certification" and even PCI-DSS 1.2 compliance.

Promote : RSS and XML feeds for easy distribution of your product information to sites such as Kelkoo, Ciao and Google Product Search (Froogle).

Customer Centric : Customer comments and user defined product tagging also increases the information on your site, without you having to do anything.

Social Networking : Let your users promote your site for you with inbuilt links to the major social networking sites.

Want to know more about our cutting edge e-commerce system? :

Making e-commerce easy!

Every site we make is made just for you. Because we have written every single one of the 19,000 lines of code for eZecom, we can tailor your system to your business. This means that you only get the features you need, making your ecom shop easier to use, update and navigate.

Also, because we know how ecommerce websites work, we can streamline the process, making eZecom one of the fastest systems to use, even when compareable systems don't have any of the advanced features of eZecom.

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Bespoke, unique, just like you

eZecom is a managed service made by a team of the best website designers and coders in the industry. We constantly push boundries on what can be done with technology, and lead the way in eye catching design.

eZecom is just part of a one-solution package from PoGDesign, encompassing everything you need to get your new site up and working. Other than strategising with us about how you want your site to work and approving our made-just-for-you designs, you don't have to lift a finger until the site is finished.

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Quick roll out time

Despite offering a complete bespoke solution, eZecom websites can be rolled out in just 4 weeks on average. Our team of cutting edge designers will have multiple designs done for you, based on who you are and what your site does, and our crack team of coding whizkids will build your site to your specifications, all within a month.

Obviously more complex systems will take longer, but you can be assured that we can get you online as soon as possible.

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